“Extra Strong” 30% | Full Spectrum | CBDa dominant

119,00 incl. IVA/TAX/BTW

“Extra Strong” 30%

Full Spectrum CBDa dominant Oil

  • Bottle 10ml – diluted with cold pressed olive oil
  • contains 3.000 mg full spectrum extract
  • +/- 250 drops
  • Plant identical CBDa dominant strain
  • Nano sized by ultrasone
  • Organically grown and traditionally produced in Málaga / Spain
  • 100% Vegan/Organic
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Extra Strong 30%

Full Spectrum CBDa (dominant) oil

This is the most potent Full Spectrum CBDa dominant oil from CBD Spain, with more than 15% CBDa in the bottle alone, plus an unprecedented amount
CBGa, CBG, CBD, THCa, CBCa, CBDVa, etc. with flavonoids and terpenes derived from the same cannabis plant such as: beta-Myrcene, p-Cymene, Linallo, Beta-Caryophyllene, Alpha-humulene, Guaiol,
alpha-Bisabolol, etc.
Flavonoids are the dyes that occur in, among other things, the cannabis plant, vegetables and fruit. These are known to have a very beneficial effect.
More than 6,000 flavonoids are known, 20 of which are found in the cannabis plant occur and one of them is Cannflavin A, B and C which can only be found is in the cannabis plant and nowhere else.

Cannflavine is known, among other things, to be 30x more powerful than aspirin, but without the side effects and is for us the key to the unprecedented potency of the
“Strong” 30% and all our other Full-Spectrum extracts. And by Full Spectrum we mean that it is truly a complete plant extraction, while retaining virtually all phyto-cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids such as
they are present in the cannabis plant, WITHOUT anything affecting the pure cannabis extract is added (isolates/terpenes) or something is removed (THCa/THC).
Many suppliers claim that they sell a Full Spectrum oil, but unfortunately they do that is absolutely not true. With a bit of luck you will get a distillate, possibly mixed with some isolates and terpenes, but usually only some (CBD) isolate, mixed with some Olive oil or MCT oil.

To ensure that you actually get what the manufacturer claims, they will provide you with... a lot of pride and love to show the necessary testing (COA) of the cannabinoids present and terpenes. But unfortunately that is rarely the case and they leave test reports which shows that crystals have clearly been used, of which scientific it has been shown that these have a much lesser effect.
The “Extra Strong” 30% from CBD Spain does not mean that it contains 30% CBDa, but gives indicates that the bottle contains 30% pure Full Spectrum extract, unprecedentedly pure extract with retention of all active substances as nature has it conducted and produced.
The fact that it must have been produced by nature itself is of great importance, because what nature itself produces, is in balance and what humans try to imitate or achieve improvement is in imbalance and can have major adverse consequences.

In terms of processing, we have added an extra step, namely ultrasonic treatment of the oil. A clean, safe, sterilizing treatment method with high-frequency sound waves, allowing us to break open the clumps of the CBD concentrate (with all cannabinoids and terpenes) and reduce them to nano level. Due to the larger contact surface of the substances, the absorption by the body should be faster, more complete and more effective.

According to some studies, a nano agent could be a few times stronger than the untreated version! That makes a bottle much more economical to use, and the operation much better.

As always, we will answer your questions and comments with pleasure. Please contact us through: info@cbdspain.com

Your Health is Our Passion

Team CBD Spain


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