CBGa 5% | Full Spectrum

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CBG 5% | Full Spectrum CBGa oil
– Bottle 10ml – diluted with olive oil
– 500mg extract
– +/- 250 drops
– Plant identical CBDa dominant
– Organically grown and traditionally produced
– Vegan
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This product is made from the hemp variety Santhica, which during breeding was selected to hardly produce CBD and THC, but compensates for this by having a larger amount of cannabigerol (CBG). Because of the different (unique) properties of this specific cannabinoid, demand for it has grown. An oil with mainly CBG is fairly new, which means that there is not (yet) much information about it like for CBD and THC. In any case, the safety of hemp extracts has been looked into several times, which are now considered very safe by the World Health Organization (WHO).

It is advisable to see to what extent an oil is full spectrum, in order to produce the entourage effect. This means that there is not just one single substance such as CBD or CBG in the oil, but a wide variety of cannabinoids and terpenes. The products of CBD Spain always has this, without compromise. Our CBG oil is made from organically grown hemp from certified seeds, which naturally also contains other cannabinoids and terpenes. The THC content is below the legal maximum permissible amount of 0.2%. The exact values of the substances in the product can be found in the enclosed test report.

In terms of processing, we have added an extra step, namely ultrasonic treatment of the oil. A clean, safe, sterilizing treatment method with high-frequency sound waves, allowing us to break open the clumps of the CBD concentrate (with all cannabinoids and terpenes) and reduce them to nano level.

Due to the larger contact surface of the substances, the absorption by the body should be faster, more complete and more effective. According to some studies, a nano agent could be a few times stronger than the untreated version! That makes a bottle much more economical to use, and the operation much better. In order to distribute the substances better over the oil, we kept the percentage at 5%.

You can find more information about our work method through this link.

As always, we will answer your questions and comments with pleasure. Please contact us through the contact page.


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  1. Karin

    Zeer tevreden met de mixta die ik gebruik voor mijn fibromyalgie en in de avond gebruik ik 3 druppels cbg en ik slaap hier erg goed op en ben ook niet meer stijf als ik opsta

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