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Storing CBD Products

The Full-Spectrum CBD products from CBD Spain are best stored in the dark and at room temperature. Exposure to light and heat can influence the degradation of the biological components. Thanks to our ultrasonic sterilization method, the expiry date has been considerably extended. The Plant-identical Full-Spectrum CBD oil will, if kept under the right conditions, certainly last 2 years.


The Full-Spectrum CBD oil and other products of CBD Spain are in no way addictive. Only THC, which is almost absent in CBD oil (max.0,2%) has psychoactive potential, which the body will build up a tolerance for with time. There is no sense of withdrawal when the use of the oil is discontinued. CBD doesn ́t have any psychoactive potential, but it does influence several biochemical processes through which it can deliver its calming and soothing effects on mental well-being.


All our CBD products are sterilized using ultrasonic treatment, a new high-quality technique. All ingredients in the cannabis extracts remain completely intact with this method and the highest purity can be guaranteed. The cannabinoids are also brought to the nano level, which increases the bioavailability many times and is therefore much more easily absorbed by our own body.


Dogs, cats and horses react very will to the Full-Spectrum oil of CBD Spain. The possible applications are numerous, ranging from epilepsy to arthritis to skin disorders. The metabolism of dogs is relatively high, which is a possible explanation of why results follow shortly after starting with the oil. The effective dosage is usually lower than needed for humans. The oil can be put straight into the mouth or rubbed on the gums. Some animals are not fond of the taste, so putting the drop(s) on a treat can be an option. 


The CBD Cream / MajesticK is made with bee-wax and olive oil, so could stain clothes. You could wrap the skin in plastic foil, or choose to wear some old clothes. Putting the CBD Cream on before bedtime is a good option. An old t-shirt can protect the pillow case if you put the CBD Cream on your face.

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