CBG(A) Full Spectrum Extract – 2500 mg – 32,94%

85,00 incl. IVA/VAT/BTW

Full spectrum CBGa concentrate. We prepare this pure extract at low temperatures without decarboxylation. The full_Spectrum CBG products from CBD Spain are best stored in the dark and at room temperature. Exposure to light and heat can influence the degradation of the biological components. Thanks to our ultrasonic sterilization method, the expiry date has been considerably extended. The plant-identical Full-Spectrum CBG oil will, if kept under the right consditions, certainly last 2 years.


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  1. Karin

    Zeer tevreden met de mixta die ik gebruik voor mijn fibromyalgie en in de avond gebruik ik 3 druppels cbg en ik slaap hier erg goed op en ben ook niet meer stijf als ik opsta

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