“CBDa and CBGa” syringe Full Spectrum extracts

85,00 incl. IVA/TAX/BTW

CBDA and CBGa dominant extract

  • 2500ml pure extract
  • CBDa & CBGa dominant strains
  • 100% Organic (grown in Málaga/Spain)
  • No isolates / No crystals added / No coconutoil added
  • Not decarboxylated
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CBDa and CBGa dominant extract


Is a 100% pure complete CBDa and CBGa dominant plant extract with the retention of (almost) all other components from the cannabis strain used

All our extracts are very stable in terms of content in particular, the acid forms present remain present for years without decarboxylation in the “neutral” form, in other words the CBGa remains CBGa and does not or hardly decarboxylates into CBG.
The pure extract has several advantages but also a few minor disadvantages, it can be used in various ways ways to use and process it, after all, it is the basis of all possible CBD and CBG products.The only small disadvantage is that it is (almost) impossible to dose accurately, and that it is taken orally can be quite spicy due to the presence of many terpenes (depending on the used strain) and often produces a “burning” effect in the mouth.

The extract can be used to make your own ointment or oil or to apply it pure to the skin and when taken orally, the extract "sticks" in the mouth, causing it to works even more effective than mixed with a carrier oil.  An extract mixed with a carrier oil perfect to teach but quickly disappears from the mouth to the stomach, after which it passes through the liver and a will have a completely different composition and effect.

The pure paste has an unlimited shelf life, provided it is stored in a cool and dark place (refrigerator).

If you still have some questions, please send us an email: info@cbdspain.com

Team CBD Spain

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Be the first to review ““CBDa and CBGa” syringe Full Spectrum extracts”