SKINCREAM 30ml – Full Spectrum

24.95 incl. IVA/VAT/BTW

Instructions for use
This natural cream is intended for external use and is suitable for daily use on any skin typeLubricate the cream with massaging movements on the area or areas of the skin to be treated. Repeat this, if desired and depending on the severity of the complaints, several times a day.

CBD cream can help with various skin problems and is suitable for all skin types, even for the most sensitive, chapped, irritated or tender skin.

Some applications of the CBD cream:

  • Provides an overall support in the skin's healing capacity
  • Increases the vitality of the skin
  • Can be used with dry or sensitive skin
  • Effective with a red or irritated skin
  • Works soothing with a chapped or rough skin
  • For the care of tired, stiff or stiff muscles
  • For the care of heavily loaded muscles and tendons and for the maintenance of flexible joints
  • For the care and also softening of the skin in case of insect bites or jellyfish bites
  • For the treatment of warts, corns, chaps and calluses
  • Provides a soothing effect in blister formation
  • Works soothing after sunburn
  • Can be used on diaper rash
  • Can be used on cracked nipples


  • CBD extract
  • Olive oil
  • Beeswax


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  1. Karin

    Zeer tevreden met de mixta die ik gebruik voor mijn fibromyalgie en in de avond gebruik ik 3 druppels cbg en ik slaap hier erg goed op en ben ook niet meer stijf als ik opsta

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