Flowers and leaves of cbd hemp

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Organic industrial CBD hemp flowers and leaves. The plant material is made from a mix of European certified hemp varieties. It contains less than the legally permitted 0.2% THC and therefore has no psychoactive effect.

When hemp is processed, we strip the tops of the stems by hand. No distinction is made between the flower and the (small) leaves in the middle. The large leaves are removed because they contain only negligible amounts of cannabinoids, a few hundredths of a percent, but they contain unwanted plant waxes and chlorophyll that give it an unpleasant taste.
Despite our careful processing, it is possible that a twig or seed may appear. That makes this plant material unsuitable for smoking, but on the other hand it is extremely suitable for making CBD oil or for making tea.

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  1. Karin

    Zeer tevreden met de mixta die ik gebruik voor mijn fibromyalgie en in de avond gebruik ik 3 druppels cbg en ik slaap hier erg goed op en ben ook niet meer stijf als ik opsta

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