About CBD Spain









About CBD Spain

CBD Spain is a three person company in the heart of Andalusia. Mid 2015, Yvonne and Peter settled down in the south of Spain and created CBD Spain. They started immediately with plowing the fields and sowing industrial hemp, putting in an irrigation system along the way to give the plants a comfortable home throughout the hot summer. After the harvest, extraction of CBD oil began on a small scale.

Just after CBD Spain celebrated her first birthday, Bo joined the team. During the past years, the team had had encounters with the world of medicinal cannabis, which resulted in the company as it stands today.


The three of us share the work, and each have our own specialties. Peter has years of experience in gardening and manages the laboratory, Yvonne does logistics and administration, and Bo does research and product development. Together we stand stronger, and are able to supply our customers with a proper explanation of how we work. We can also help clarify some things about medicinal cannabis, CBD oil, and the way it might help in treating illnesses.














Our strength lies for a big part in the fact that we do everything ourselves – from seed to bottle – which gives us full control over the entire process. This way we can guarantee the quality, and we stand closer to the product we offer. We believe that craftsmanship is a key component in creating the best possible product.

Full spectrum oil

Our hemp plants grow outdoors in the full Spanish sun and native soil. We grow them just for the flowers, so the plant material we use is not a by-product from growing for fiber or seeds. The best ingredients give the best results. We don’t just grow organically, but also use specific bacteria and fungi to nurture soil life and increase soil activity. These added compounds attract bugs that work synergistically with the plant, making it more resistant to pests. This circle of life makes the plant absorb essential nutrients quicker and more efficient, giving strong and healthy plants.

At low temperatures and with a special solvent, we collect the precious compounds from the plant material. A very important goal for us is making a so called ‘full spectrum oil’, which contains a wide range of active compounds such as cannabinoids and terpenes. When we extract, we take the time to repeatedly ‘wash’ the material to get out every last bit, obtaining a concentrate with almost the exact same composition as is found in the original plant.

A lot of the CBD oils on the market today are recomposed from CBD crystals. Valuable and essential co-cannabinoids and terpenes are lost, which is unfortunate. Several studies have shown that the effectivity and efficiency of an oil improves dramatically once these extra compounds are there, even in low doses. This fenomenon is known as the ‘entourage effect‘.

























Product and process development

We are continually working on improving and streamlining our operation. This year we’ve carefully planned out the growing season to get the best yield possible, and we’ve expanded our processing facilities with new equipment to increase efficiency.

Recently we’ve switched to a new kind of bottle for the oils, which is a lot easier and cleaner to use. We also offer the possibility to vaporize CBD with a specially designed electronic cigarette. This is a small gadget that is filled with an ‘e-liquid’ that contains CBD. An ideal product for lung patients, among others. Again, all these products we develop and produce ourselves.


The developments in the world of medicinal cannabis are moving fast. Our vision of the future is a particularly positive one. We expect a lot of openness, clarity and honesty about the cannabis plant and its potential over the next coming years. A period of re-inventing what it has to offer, whether it be the fibres, seeds, or the cannabinoids and terpenes in its flowers.



















Oil for everybody

We made it our mission to make as much high-quality cannabis oil accessible for as many people as possible. Everybody should have the ability to use a product which can positively impact their health. We try to make a fundamental change to the way people look at medicine and healthcare and how it is applied. This is a big goal, which we are working towards every day.

As opposed to most other CBD companies, we really want to hear about the experiences of our customers. This information can be collected and compared to what we read and hear from studies and other research. This helps us understand the matter better, and can offer new possibilities, which ultimately benefits everyone involved.


You can reach us by email, facebook chat, and phone to ask any and all questions you may have. Please see our Contact page.

We have quite some information on our website, and a list of Frequently Asked Questions. The answer you are looking for might already be there.

At CBD Spain, our motto is clear: quality is our priority, your health is our passion.

We hope to see you soon!

Kind regards,
Team CBD Spain